Our Range of Services at a Glance

3 companies under one roof

  • Forging and rolling
  • Machining
  • Component assembly and welding

BRÜCK® Express Service

Our Express Service will never leave you in a lurch!

Delivery already within 6-15 working days.

Contract and joint welding

  • Cladding and armour-plating of flanges, rings and forged components
  • Component joining and integration

Welcome to BRÜCK®!

BRÜCK® is one of the world’s leading providers of seamless hot-rolled rings, flanges and special forgings to customer specification or standard. Now in its third generation,
BRÜCK® – a family owned and operated company — has made a name for itself in international markets throughout the world.

Innovative corporate culture

BRÜCK’s range of products has advanced far beyond the standard product line of a classic forging specialist. With BRÜCK’s machining park of over 100 CNC production centres, precision tolerances can be achieved for components weighing up to 250 tons.

also offers value-added service: the forged components fabricated by BRÜCK can be assembled into complex systems in BRÜCK’s own component assembly shop and tested and delivered as turn-key facilities engineered to order.


New branch offices

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