At BRÜCK® QUALITY has always been written in capital letters. That's why in 1992 we were the first industrial company of our region being certified according to DIN EN ISO 9002.

  • BRÜCK® is fully equipped to carry out all the testing in-house. 21 employees are permanently supervising our highest quality standards.

  • The official company and acceptance stamps are only issued after thorough a quality control and final 100% positive material identification ( PMI ). We precisely examine dimensions and surface roughness of every single part.

  • We conduct metallographic and chemical analysis examinations on our premises at short notice.

  • Our testing methods at a glance:
    • Hardness surveys
    • Ferrite measurements
    • Grain size determination
    • Corrosion testings
    • Metallographic and chemical analysis examination
    • Dimensional check to 1/100 mm accuracy
    • Magnetic particle inspection
    • Dye penetrant testing
    • Ultrasonic testing
    • Eddy current testing
    • 100 % Positive Material Identification ( PMI )
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