Wind Energy

Modern wind turbines include a variety of components from BRÜCK®.
Our products are found in the power transmission in the form of bearings, flanges, gear and generator parts as well as in the pitch and gondola housing.
Due to our vast depth in manufacturing and the enormous production capacity, we can cover the usual in the wind power industry requirements and high demands in the situation.
Many global players in the wind energy sector benefit from BRÜCK proposed solutions for structural design of components; from our material know - how and from our scheduling flexibility.

For the construction of wind turbine towers:

  • Foot-
  • Connecting and
  • Front Flanges

For the construction of wind turbines:

  • Seamless rolled rings for 360 ° - swivel the tower Gondola
  • Seamless rolled rings for blade adjustment gear
  • Bearing rings for ball slewing rings

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