Innovative Forging Technology

The commissioning of "Ring-Rolling Mill V" at the end of 2000 put BRÜCK® at the global forefront of forging technology. With it we are able to roll ultra-precision items with the following dimensions:

  • max. unit weight: 40 tons
  • max. outside diameter: 6,400 mm
  • height: 1,750 mm
  • radial width: 1,000 mm

Our state-of-the-art forging technology opens up a wide range of options for hot-rolled items:

  • Simultaneous inside and outside profiling over the entire range of dimensions
  • Economical contour forging, also for individual premium items
  • Improved mechanical values by virtue of optimised grain flow

With our 8,000 ton press, commissioned in 2009, we were able to broaden our manufacturing range of forged components:

  • Max. dimensions: 4,500 mm x 4,500 mm x 10,000 mm
  • Max. unit weight: 50 tons

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