Express Service

The BRÜCK® Express Service works hand in hand with the production department, enabling delivery times that are far below the industry average.

Express delivery of components as per customer specification and drawings in only 6 to 15 working days.

With BRÜCK®'s Express Service we support you and your customers throughout the world:

  • Helping you to avoid penalties for breach of contract caused by delivery bottlenecks
  • Reducing down times as the result of the outage of vital components and systems

Our Express Service is made possible by the large stocks of raw materials we maintain (21,000 tons).

The constantly growing demand for express delivery confirms the path we embarked on years ago.

We support customers with quick solutions engineered to order. Our customers range from nuclear facilities to machinery & plant manufacturers to the international oil and gas industries.

Our highly motivated and experienced team frequently makes the impossible possible.

Just contact us to find out how fast we can complete your project, e.g.

  • Forgings
  • Rings & bushings
  • Flanges
  • Covers & disks
  • Shafts & axles
  • Nozzles

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