Delivery to Bluewater

BRÜCK announces the completion of delivery to Bluewater of two very large Swivel Stacks.

One of the largest projects that BRÜCK have taken on is nearing completion. The delivery of the first ‘North’ stack is completed; the sister stack ‘South’ is currently being delivered at this very moment, all in line with the expectations of Bluewater


For this project, BRÜCK have supplied forgings, machining, structural and overlay welding, assembly and factory acceptance testing for this world renowned project and customer.

Manufacturing facts and figures relating to the Bluewater Swivels:

Project Schedule: September 2014 – April 2016
Quantity of forged parts: 116
Forging input weights: 520 tons Stainless steel, 270 ton carbon/low alloy steels, 10 ton Inconel (cladding material)
Forgings finished weight: 330 tons Stainless steel, 200 tons carbon/low alloy steels
Total Machining times: Turning 11.850 h, Drill and Milling 11.550 h

12“ Module:
Test pressure 360 bar
Weight net: close to 20 tons

7“ Module:
Test pressure: 528 bar
Weight net: less than 15 tons

Utility Stack:

Test pressure: 525 bar
Weight net : less than 15 tons

Bluewater designs, develops, owns and operates tanker-based floating production and offloading storage systems (FPSOs) and has become a leading provider of innovative Single Point Mooring (SPM) systems. See



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