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Just with all our challenges. complex projects. quality materials.

High-precision manufacturing for every future technology and
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Sweet Shap

Unique vertical integration:

We offer a unique range of innovative forging and rolling technology and component construction on our production campus.

Utmost reliability “Made in Germany”:

BRÜCK is famous for not compromising on quality. We can perform all testing processes on the BRÜCK campus or with qualified partners.

BRÜCK priority

The wide range of services and transparent processes enable us to deliver according to your requirements in the shortest possible time.



It takes effort and time to build a worldwide reputation

BRÜCK is one of the leading specialists for producing sophisticated special forge solutions. The best-in-class companies within the industry are our customers.

What distinguishes us in particular is the fact that our Saarbrücken-Ensheim site has one of the largest vertical integration capabilities in the world. This is what makes us the perfect system provider. We apply the highest quality standards across the entire process chain. Forging, heat treatment, mechanical processing as well as welding and assembly with state-of-the-art production machinery for the production of highly complex, turnkey components.

We are flexible, precise, fast and economical. Challenge us!


unique: the production campus

Lathing, milling and drillingAdministrationTesting and quality assuranceForging and ring rollingSawsHeat treatmentProcessing centresComponent constructionLarge component processingSalesCentre of DevelopmentPrimary material stockWeldingCentral maintenance

unique: the production campus

unique: the production campus

our customers know best


years of continuous development


present satisfied customers


material types and high stock availability


tons (max.) unit weight per forging

your main questions

Can BRÜCK also deliver single pieces?

What are the main methods of payment?

Can BRÜCK engineers also develop parts?

Does BRÜCK manufacture exclusively in Germany?

Can BRÜCK supply drawing parts within 10 days?

What is the quality of BRÜCK forging technology?

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