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  • your efficient just-in-time service provider

You have come to the right place. After all, a company can only become a household name by not compromising on quality and know-how. We have always done so and we still do so today. Do you want to know more? Continue reading

At BRÜCK we are constantly striving for progress and further development. This has been a fundamental principle since Karl Brück launched the production of building hardware in 1923. We have upheld this standard of continuous development to this day. This is because in rapidly changing global markets, we have developed from a producer to a highly efficient service provider with extremely large capacities that can provide support at many important interfaces.
Today, we manufacture, test and certify seamless hot rolled rings and special forgings to customer specifications on our  production campus. We have special know-how in many of the most promising industries.

We have established our excellent reputation by delivering consistently first-class quality and outstanding service. This is why we are a long-standing partner of global players, who are trend-setters in their markets. “Made in Germany” is a high-quality alternative to low-cost production.

The ”Made in BRÜCK campus” is a further qualitative enhancement, because we can offer system-relevant services for the entire process chain at one location. We offer forging, heat treatment, mechanical processing, welding and assembly in Ensheim. We manufacture even highly complex, turnkey components using state-of-the-art machines, test them and supply the necessary documents. At our production campus we have over 100 CNC-controlled processing machines in operation. This enables us to produce assemblies of up to 250 t total weight with very strict manufacturing tolerances and also to manufacture large components in a single process.

We have a broad range of expertise as a result of many years of cooperation with leading companies across all industries. We are one of the world's specialists for processing high-alloy steels, nickel-based alloys, aluminium, copper, titanium, duplex and superduplex. In addition to the conventional materials, this is our core business.


  • 1923 Founding of the hardware factory BRÜCK
  • 1948 Bending and welding of the first rings
  • 1969 Installation of the first ring rolling mill
  • 1971 Use of the first CNC lathe
  • 1976 Installation of Press I
  • 1977 Commissioning of Ring Rolling Mill II
  • 1984 Founding of BRÜCK Rohrverbindungen GmbH in Hilden as the first sales organisation
  • 1986 Commissioning of the first production facility Ring Rolling Mill III
  • 1990 Commissioning of Ring Rolling Mill IV
  • 1991 Installation of a 4,000 t press
  • 2000 Commissioning of Ring Rolling Mill V
  • 2007 Doubling of the company premises
  • 2010 Installation of an 8,000 t press
  • 2014 Commissioning of the welding hall
  • 2017 New start into the 21st century Process optimisation, adapted to the requirements of the new “Production Campus”

Today 265 employees

  • Considerable expansion of the product range for open die forgings and tool-bound special parts
  • Expanding production capacities to boost performance

Branch: BRUCK USA Inc., Houston, Texas
Sales partner: BRÜCK Rohrverbindungen Hilden GmbH (additional sales office in Hamburg).