Wind power

The magic word is 'frictionless'.

Dynamically stressed parts need a very accurate production quality. There should be as little friction as during the order processing itself. This is why we deploy our specialists during the planning phase to set up the process in such a manner that the inspected delivery is made within the agreed deadline and with the guaranteed quality.

What we want to say is, state-of-the-art wind turbines include a large number of components made by us. Our products are used in the drive train as bearings, flanges, gearbox and generator parts as well as for blade adjustment and nacelle bearings. In addition to these dynamically stressed parts, we also supply individual parts for the tower construction.

We are able to meet the requirements and high demands of the wind power industry thanks to our production capacities. International companies benefit also from BRÜCK's solution proposals for the constructive design of components, our material know-how and our flexibility in meeting deadlines.

Oliver Meiser

Oliver Meiser

Wind Power Industry Manager

For wind power towers we manufacture:

  • Base flange
  • Connecting and head flanges

For wind turbines we manufacture:

  • Seamless rolled rings for 360° swivel bearings of the tower nacelle
  • Seamless rolled rings for variable blade gears
  • Main bearing units (MBU)
  • Bearing rings for ball bearing supported rings
  • Azimuth brake discs
  • Shrink discs
  • Gear rings