They all do the same thing? What are you thinking?

We, at BRÜCK, differentiate ourselves from the global competition mainly due to the wide range of production possibilities available at our production campus. The complete processing of complex components is carried out by us with more than 100 CNC-controlled, state-of-the-art machines and processing centres from one source, with the strictest manufacturing tolerances. You do not have to worry about the tested quality either, because the testing facilities are also located on campus. You should place your orders for the finishing of large parts and large assemblies with us. We have a few facts for you so you can check them out.

Realisable tolerances

  • Tolerances within a hundredth of a millimetre, e.g. 0.025 mm for an outside diameter of 4,500 mm
  • Sanded and polished surfaces of Ra 0.3 µm and finer


  • Carousel lathes up to 6,400 mm outside diameter and 4,500 mm height
  • Centre lathes up to 2,800 mm
    Outside diameter and 8,000 mm height

Drilling and milling

  • CNC high performance drilling machines up to 6,400 mm pitch diameter and 1,200 mm height
  • Table, plate and portal boring machines for rotationally symmetrical parts (rings, sleeves) up to 7,000 mm outer diameter
  • Maximum travel distances: 10,000 mm length, 4,200 mm width, 4,000 mm height


  • Form milling up to 7,000 mm outer diameter and 2,500 mm height, hobbing up to 7,000 mm outer diameter
  • Spur and helical gearing
  • Gearing quality according to DIN 3967: 9 – 12