Innovative forging technology

Always with a view to the future - Because that's your standpoint

“Innovative” is a meaningful word. It does not apply to every situation. But if we accept the fact that we fuel our furnaces for the world's most important companies in their industries as proof, then it means that we can satisfy the highest demands. Is that evidence enough for you?
We are proud of our Ring Rolling Mill V. We are world leader in this field. We roll up to 36 t pieces with the highest precision. With an outer diameter of max. 6,400 mm, a height of 1,750 mm and a radial width of 1,000 mm.

The current BRÜCK forging technology offers simultaneous external and internal profiling for hot rolled parts covering the entire dimensional range. Of course, you can also have economical profile rollers for high-quality large series and, as a result, improved mechanical values due to an optimised fibre flow.

Did you know that we also have an 8,000 ton press? We produce forged parts up to a height of 3,400 mm, a unit weight of 50 t and an outer diameter of 4,400 mm.