Service for especially fast supply

  • To prevent downtime and contractual penalties

When push comes to shove, we do the impossible

If you face virtually impossible deadlines for your project, you need exceptional support. In such cases, we apply the “priority system” for our customers. However, it is not quite that simple, because the high quality standards must continue to apply. Our management system uses a refined programme to influence the ongoing ordering and production processes, thereby enabling you to keep deadlines that are significantly below the market average.

Worldwide, our privileged service already supports our customers to avoid threatening contractual penalties or to reduce expensive downtimes in the event of surprising technical adversities, persistent personnel problems or other deadline-related bottlenecks.

A continuously increasing demand proves us right about the decisions made a few years ago. The high capacity and unusually high vertical range of manufacture with many operating divisions within one location is the basis for a significant time saving. The storage of more than 12,000 t of primary material is an essential prerequisite for this, as is our highly motivated team of versatile specialists.

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